17 thoughts on “Krampus, 2021

  1. Happy Christmas, you and her. I haven’t worked out how to use the new wordpress esp how to post photos. I’ve been writing in Diaryland, copying and pasting into the wp front page and that’s my lot. When you have a moment, if you could let me know I’d be grateful. I don’t know what many of the words mean in a tech context, which makes it tricky. Ho Ho Ho and all that malarkey x

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    1. Hi Anna. Yeah, I think I can help here, as this drove me insane for a while also. Basically, you want to get out of this ridiculous “Blocks” format that WordPress now defaults to. To do that, when you begin writing a post you will see under “Add Title” the words “”Type / to choose a block”. Directly to the right of that, on the far side of the page, you will see a “+” sign. Click that, and a box will open up. From the choices given therein, choose “Classic”. You will see the style of the page revert to the format we’ve come to know and love! Just click on the open box and begin typing away. As soon as you do, you will see the tool bar appear, with the familiar “Add Media” icon placed second from the end. That should do the trick.

      (I’ll cut and paste this response to your notes in Diaryland, should you be checking there rather than here.)

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