But who’s counting.

Days In Quarantine resize 2

I think I need a new whiteboard. Spellcheck stopped working on this one.



14 thoughts on “But who’s counting.

  1. It’s all good…. hit ctrl+Z on the whiteboard and you can retype your entry.

    (Actually this reminds me of a short essay I wrote about an exciting new analog writing implement that can allow you to re-enter data at the touch of a rubber end.)

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  2. I’m still waiting for my brain to come up with a pithy response to this post but no, nada. So just checking in, saying I hear you, I guess. X

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    1. Heard this the other day: “Fun fact: Hormel produced the first batch of Spam in 1929. They just announced that if food becomes harder to come by, they may consider making a second batch.” I sure hope it doesn’t come to that….

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  3. Hiya, Dangerlad. Buck up! You have a beautiful wife to chase around the house, all your Cheffy talents for fabulous meals, and a work-from-home platform that you can use to harangue the world with your wisdom. You should be the LAST of us to get bored!

    Keep the two of you in tiptop shape and entertain the rest of us. It’s the least you can do…ans stock up on LIMES. It’s the Ph, Soh. Ha!

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  4. Hey πŸ™‚ I was trying to find a way to email you. I was reminiscing. I looked you up and I think you’re who I am searching for. Well kind of, your NewWife is pictured with staples in a previous post. She seems as accident prone as the woman with who I am searching.

    Frankenwifey – is that you?

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    1. “Hey” back atcha! Lol. NewWifey(tm) is not really “accident prone”, in that she has more than the normal amounts of accidents. It’s just that when she does have an accident it tends to result in the types of injuries that are written up in medical journals, or in having her mentioned as a potential future Darwin Award winner. I’m actually rather jealous, as my accidents rarely bring me anything other than pain.

      You’re trying to email me? Drop me a line at: notepad101 (at) Hotmail. That’s super secret, so don’t go spreading it around by posting it in the comment section of some blog or anything. Oh, wait…. (Oh, and mention your screen name in the subject line in case Hotmail filters it into my Junk folder.)



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