WTOM, on the air!

Day 1 working from home.

NewWifey(tm) convinced me I should wear the same clothes I always wear to work, so I could get in the same mindset:

WTOM Radio

I think it helped. You could really hear the gravitas in my voice.

In other news….

Spring arrives in North Jersey:

Snow Flowers resize

I took that picture this morning between mic breaks. Snow! On March 23! Oh well, at least it’ll put the bears back to sleep. I need them to be immobile when I run out of quarantine supplies and have to forage for meat.

Speaking of, anyone else in the same boat here? On Saturday I looked at the mountain of foodstuffs I’d purchased to carry us through this plague, and instead of thinking “if I portion this pile correctly and practice moderation we should be able to ride this out for a couple of weeks without starving“…I threw a huge fucking banquet because I needed cheering up and it all looked so good and really, it’s such a big pile that a little more off the top won’t make a difference, right?

I thought so. You suck at this too.

This is WTOM, signing off.




41 thoughts on “WTOM, on the air!

  1. I’m glad Wifey made it home and you’re decamped to a fully professional scenario, right down to the dress shoes. The globe even gives it a legit office vibe. (I meant the snow globe.)

    As to cooking mountains of food, there’s always the freezer. Gourmet TV dinners are also good.

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  2. Glad to hear Wifey is home. Love the old globe, rare to find those. Wish I could tune into your radio gig from here. I have all the time in the world right now! By the way, those PJs rock! Keep safe and well.

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    1. THEY’RE NOT PJ’S! They’re lounge pants. What do you think I am, some sort of PJ wearin’ animal? To work?! Jeez, of all the things to stoop to.

      I love that globe too, but…it’s not that old. It’s a reproduction I got for NewWifey(tm), who wanted one. Why, I don’t know. She can barely find her way to the kitchen. Why the hell does she need to know where Ulaan Baatar is? Women.

      Lol. You’d be bored out of your gourd listening to me on the radio. I used to have a fun, personality driven music show. But I sold my soul, and now I do soulless radio. It’s no fun. But it does pay more. Sorry 😦


  3. I am in love with your pants… Gosh, that sounds really a bit dicey. Apologies. I really love your pants. That does not sound much better.

    I give up. Social isolation is getting to me\


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    1. And my pants love you right back. And remember, as in all thing’s it’s what’s inside that counts. (I hear ya about social isolation. I’m going on several decades of it now. Thank you, halitosis.)


  4. Glad wifey is home even if she’s a drain on your TP stash. (Plan to start using pages from your ‘mail order’ catalogues if it starts getting dicey. That’s what the Sears-Roebuck catalogues in the outhouses were for back in the day. Can’t remember where I read that.)

    It snowed last night (Sunday) into the early morning here too. Most of it is gone, thankfully.

    Speaking of social distancing … we’ve been told not to socialize with our waste collection/recycling workers or offer to help them carry heavy loads to the trucks. For THEIR safety. Many people are home and starting early on their spring cleaning. πŸ™‚

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    1. I don’t think we’re going to have to resort to paper catalogues. There are plenty of bunnies running around this time of year, and they’re both easy to trap and super absorbant. (And; hasenpfeffer!)

      Do you guys normally help sanitation workers carry their loads? What, does your town hire chicks to do pickup or something?

      And…what is “spring cleaning”?

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      1. Rabbit stew IS tasty. Who is doing the butchering in your house? My wimpy dad made my mom do it. The chickens too.

        I guess we’re just polite/helpful in s-western Ontario. Not like SOME people.

        You got me on the ‘spring cleaning’.

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        1. I do all the butchering, thank you. It doesn’t go over very well down at the PetSmart, but if they didn’t want people doing that they wouldn’t stock those sheers right next to the cages. Idiots.

          Oh – Canadians. Say no more.

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  5. For the past few days I’ve been wearing a bathrobe to work, or shorts. Or both. Maybe I’ll go ultracasual tomorrow and wear nothing. Everyone I work with is glad that we don’t do video conferencing. Now, the key to surviving with your food stocks is to mostly stockpile food you find boring or that takes a lot of preparation to make tasty. For example. I have flour. A fair amount of it actually. Now, this could become pizza crust or donuts, or bread, but those things take work.

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    1. See, that’s the problem. NOTHING takes work when it comes to food when you’re a god in the kitchen. Timpano? Sure, ready in 10 minutes. Terrine de canard, including a 3-day maceration in brandy and homemade gelee? Half an hour, tops. I’m doomed.

      I like your fashion sense! Sure beats my SpongeBob pants. Even nekkid and pockmarked, I’m sure you’d get less stares than me. The hell with your co-workers — they’re probably doing the same thing.

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  6. Taking a deep breath, I dare sharing with you a little video I made after some friends asked me to summarize the major points in the blog post I published about coronavirus safety tips. If you feel that someone might find it useful, feel free to share…

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    1. Sally! Thank you so much! This was WONDERFUL. In a country like ours where there is only about an 8% literacy rate (I checked) I think a video message will reach more people than even an expertly written blog post. So I’m going to post a link to this everywhere I frequent from my Oenology forum to my gay midget porn fansite. Especially there. Can’t have Bridgette the Midget falling sick. So thank you again, and keep fighting the good fight! We all thank you πŸ™‚


      1. sit here by me, Little Grasshopper… got a tissue? You will be crying…
        (seriously, thanks for sharing, and I promise not to inflict my links into your comments area, I just felt that maybe you would like it)

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        1. Don’t ever worry about ANYTHING regarding my comments section. Aside from the fact that you of all people get a pass during these extraordinary times, I follow the same rule here that I do with the actual body of my blog. To wit: who cares? Do it! So…do it! πŸ™‚

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