Big Brother

(In a nutshell: to read my actual entry.)


I wrote an entry for the Daily Prompt’s “Triumph” prompt today, but the naughty word filter flagged me, so it’s not showing up on the Big Board O’ Entries.

So if you want to read my “Triumph” entry just CLICK HERE. You’ll like it. It’s got naughty stuff, and a picture of peanut butter bread. Really.


10 thoughts on “Big Brother

  1. All seems well; got TWO posts from you today. Long ago my family adopted brother/sister kittens. His name was Smokey because he was a grey tabby. She was all black but was cleverly named Cindy – short for Cinders. Got it, Smoke and Cinders, hyuk hyuk. So there has been at least ONE totally black cat that was NOT named Midnight. Alas, they were both poisoned, along with every other pet in our neighborhood. Cruel: rat poison in tasty salt pork, thrown over fences and into flower gardens. Evil lurks…

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    1. Oh my god, that’s AWFUL! There have actually been rumours circulating around here that the same thing has been going on, starting just before Gloria vanished, since so many cats disappeared at around the same time. I hope it’s not true.

      But I did like “Smoke and Cinders”, lol….


  2. I wondered why there were two posts from you the same day. Now I know, all it takes is a tech bug to send you into a panic. In the wrong hands, that knowledge could be dangerous. Now, who do we know who’s a bona-fide tech geek?

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    1. “Gosh” he said, scratching his head. “A tech geek, you say? No…hey wait!!”

      Lol. I don’t think it was a tech bug that sent my link into the inviso-sphere. I vaguely recall reading a series comments in an FAQ section about how Daily Post titles (and sometimes content) were subject to a morals clause. I’m sure I just got snagged by an algorithm somewhere. No worries though, Tech Geek Goddess. I managed to find its fatal flaw 🙂


  3. I’ve been trying to comment on your actual entry for this here story, but can’t for some reason. But I had to because I am incredibly excited about Midnight. I was ready to be pissed at you for making me look at a picture of a dead cat, but then the story turned around! Congrats on Midnight adopting you!

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