That’s the closest analogy I can think of. And this might be worse.

Another win for the Southern Strategy. Congratulations.


15 thoughts on “9/11

    1. Sitting here in my studio watching stories come in filed by our reporters around the country, I’m absolutely heartsick. One of the things that’s frightened me the most is the preliminary list of probable cabinet appointments just released by the campaign.

      We’re toast.


        1. And a couple of things we WON’T see: passage of the ERA…a blue sky…the Dream Act….affordable health care ever again…banking accountability….

          At least we won’t go to war with Russia…..


    1. No, unfortunately the military cannot oust the POTUS. The only process to remove a sitting President is an impeachment, and after the fiasco with the Clintons back when, you should know how that works – or rather, DOESN’T work.

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