Cooking For One

What’s a guy to do when he finds himself all alone on a holiday that celebrates women giving birth, and his local ChowMart puts pork products on sale, but only the Family Size packs?

Like you need to ask. I’m an American.

Behold! Brined pork chops with 3 different rubs, plus sausage. Someday I hope to have a real smoker, but in the meantime “SS Grilly McGrillFace” here did a fine job.

And, no. There were no leftovers.

Labor Day 2016 Pork 1

Labor Day 2016 Pork 2

(Yeah, ok, it’s not the most pristine looking prep I admit. I’m still doing most things one-handed, including cooking. I couldn’t score the fat line around the chops, a procedure which makes them lay flat. Oh well, they still tasted killer.)

BTW, when are they gonna institute a holiday that celebrates conception, huh? Seems pretty one sided the way things stand now.



19 thoughts on “Cooking For One

  1. I believe that’s called Mother’s Day. I was conceived on Mother’s Day, by the way. In case you are interested. Of COURSE you are interested!


        1. You crack me up DS, I just found your comment on my author page, vs. my personal blog at – which is linked here, lol. Oh well.


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