Fromage d’Spouse

It’s been 12 days since my elbow reconstruction.

I’ve had exactly one shower since.

Everything else is irrelevant.cheese_dude_by_jessicams-d4hw0cl


26 thoughts on “Fromage d’Spouse

  1. I am in California. I don’t much care what you look or smell like. Besides, where is New Wifey and heFrench Nurse outfit and sponge bath gear? What I want to know is HOW IS THE ELBOW? ARE YOU BEING A BIG BOY and doing the WORK? Please advise…

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    1. LOL! The elbow is….well frankly, I have no idea. It’s wrapped and girded and shot full of pain killers and constantly submerged in an icy brine, so I can’t feel a thing. But I assume it’s ok, since from all appearances it’s still attached to the bones on either side. I can also now leave my recliner for one or two hours a day to do things like respond to sycophants and check for updates on RedTube.

      NewWifey(tm) is being very supportive, although just like Poolie she refuses to come near me with a sponge. What is this vile conspiracy?!

      Thanks for the faux concern, babe! 🙂


      1. Au contraire, Snotnose! In the Longago I nursed an 11-year old through a painful convalescence after some pretty fancy reconstruction following an adventure gone awry that turned an elbow into mush. Range of motion was the issue and the extent of recovery was entirely dependent upon his willingness to DO THE WORK. That was when I learned my younger son was made of stern stuff. The kid had GRIT. In the end he achieved more than had been expected but it took a long time and it HURT. There is nothing faux about my concern. But then Les Pail did pretty well, too, so your fate is in YOUR hands. Just sayin’…


  2. DS… fromage? That’s all you got? You do know that you can speak-text it into your phone (if you have a smarty-pants phone) and then edit it with ONE FINGER?
    Okay, so what’s the ETA for normal movement? 6 weeks? 8 years? a millenium? :/ Feel better.


    1. You give me too much credit (there’s a first time for everything). No smart phone. No tablet. Just a land line, and a Pez dispenser sized phone-only cell phone that I’ve just been informed will soon no longer be supported by my carrier because it’s G-2 (whatever that means). So come December I’m land line only.

      ETA is 5 – 6 more weeks in the cast/brace, then a sling for a month, then about a year w/ P/T til full(ish) recovery, if my last operation’s timetable holds true this time. Thanks for the concern, teach 🙂


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