“Hi Dr. Nick!”


This time tomorrow, somewhere in New Jersey:


If I don’t make it, remember me fondly.

Oh – and none of you guys (and some of you gals) better touch NewWifey(tm) if I croak. I’m saying that for YOUR benefit.

See ya on the other side!



9 thoughts on ““Hi Dr. Nick!”

  1. Behave yourself, don’t bite anybody, and above all be nice to New Wifey. You are going to need her for a while for all kinds of purposes and it would be “enlightened self interest” is she were in a good mood about it. Just sayin’… Good Luck and Good Night!

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    1. Thanks Patty, but fear not. No matter what awful indignities I heap on NewWifey(tm) – and I do – she always knows that if she dumps me she’ll starve to death. I have carte blanche. Yippeeeee!


  2. Something tells me NewWifey(tm) might disagree a wee bit. Nonetheless, I wish you well on your surgery. You’ll come out smelling like.. well, like you always smell, I guess. In spite of that, here’s hoping the doctor does good work and you’re back to your usual sarcasm in no time flat.


    1. You’re right I always smell. What do you think this nose is for? Thanks for the well wishes, babe. They may or may be sincere, but I’ll take ’em anyway. Be good while I’m gone (inasmuch as you can be). 🙂


  3. I don’t do sponge baths either. And, it’s because I don’t get paid enough for THAT. Feel better, and if you by any chance don’t survive, can I have a momento? Like a lock of your hair…


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