Note to self.


For future reference:

Opening the door for a lady is fine.

Except when it’s the door to the ladies room.




9 thoughts on “Note to self.

    1. It actually was pretty…well, if not innocuous, at least innocent on my part. I was walking out of our building after work, lost in thought about what foods I had to buy on my way home before my surgery on Friday (I’m making and freezing things so NewWifey(tm) won’t have to cook for a couple of weeks).

      At one point my inner reverie was jolted when I realized there was a woman coming towards me in the corridor, and she was angling quickly towards the door on my right. Without thinking, and not aware where I was in my just awakened state, I did what I always do: I opened the door and stepped inside, holding it so she could pass by fully.

      I was kind of startled when she just stopped and stared at me with her mouth open…until the smell gave it away.

      I now know the limits of chivalry. Some doors man was never meant to open.


      1. Okay – I’ll give you that one. You managed to find the optimal way to mess up while acting as a gentleman. I suspect after a weird look, your victim – er, walker? – got over it and pulled the door closed behind her. I honesty can’t say I wouldn’t have reacted the same way she did, though I probably would have recovered quickly enough to use the fodder to humiliate you throughout the studios.

        After all, I have to live down to my reputation.

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        1. No, “victim” is correct. Because deep down I can’t deny I harbored thoughts of ravishing her right there, bent over one of American Standard’s finest, in a stall next to some unkempt temp snorting lines off her iPad. Oooo, baby!

          And knowing your reputation, I know you wish you’d been her.


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