Mugged in London? Call a Booby.


From my morning newscast today:

British Police Officer Suspended For Argument Over Breasts:

A policewoman in England is facing suspension for an argument with a colleague over their breasts. The police department in Manchester has suspended Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe for what was described as a “loud disagreement” with a subordinate about their bust sizes. The two women were attending a Senior Women in Policing conference geared toward improving the image of female officers.

It’s certainly improved MY image of them. “I’m busted? No, YOU’RE busted, ‘Officer 36-D’. Seriously, those are waaaay bigger than my wife’s! No really, they are. Awww, you’re welcome. Bye, kitten!

I’d never get a speeding ticket again.

As the Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst Memorial crumbles to dust….




19 thoughts on “Mugged in London? Call a Booby.

    1. Ha! That’s the SECOND knock on northerners. Who knew such a miniscule little island could even have a “north” and a “south”? (BTW, my paternal grandmum was born and raised in Lancaster. Go Dolly Blues! Show them toffy nosed southern Charlies how it’s done!) 🙂


        1. Lol. Nah, I just know that most of my readers are typical Americans with a typical Americans’ grasp of world geography. They wouldn’t know the difference. And besides, London just sounds cooler. London calling! 🙂


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