My Wife’s Buns



THIS is what real women want on Valentine’s Day. At least if they’re my woman:

My buns!

Yep. Classic dim sum restaurant style Chinese egg custard buns, steamed AND baked. NewWifey(tm) practically creams her jeans every time we go out for them on the odd weekend, so I thought it was about time I gave ’em a shot at home.

I got up early Sunday morning to start the dough, and pulled them hot out of the oven/steamer just as she was getting up. (Thankfully she’s a lazy slob and rarely staggers out of bed before noon. Women!) She LOVED them. Creamed more than her jeans, too. Another argument for dining at home.

For those of you who like/understand culinary geekery: this very typical filling is basically just a riff on classic crème pâtissière, with more yolk and some pure starch rather than all flour, which lets it set up very stiff and hold its shape while cooking. Basic Chinese sweet milk yeast dough is the go-to for this dish. It’s a milk based dough that has room temperature – not melted – butter kneaded in. It only gets one rise.

The combination produces a dough that can be rolled out very thin while still staying intact (as the steamed buns were), or kept fairly thick for baking whole or with stuffing. The baked version produces an airy, even crumb that is extraordinarily soft considering I used high protein flour. I use it for many applications that require structural strength without making a heavy, leaden product.

Here’s a pretty good example of that. I made this to bring to a friend’s Christmas party two Christmases ago (I think). I more made it to shut their kids up so they wouldn’t bother us, and it worked. It’s that dough, rolled out and filled with Nutella, then shaped and baked off. Took a lot less time than any Western dough I would have used, and worked better with the chocolate spread also. Give it a shot sometime if you are ever inclined to bake:

Catepiller 1


Later, kids. Gotta go check on NewWifey(tm)’s buns. And maybe even cook.


30 thoughts on “My Wife’s Buns

    1. She’s eaten a lot of protein since marrying me.

      But yes. For this recipe, high protein flour. (Not to say you can’t us AP flour, particularly if you’re just making straight buns. But for more rigorous operations, particularly considering this is a dough that uses so much fat, the extra gluten scaffolding does help insure good finished structure. Or at least that’s what I’ve fooled myself into thinking.)


  1. Look at how much you are writing now that you have forsaken that stinky old stupid site that charged you for EVERYTHING! You will thank me someday. Oh wait. You already did.


    1. Lol. I haven’t “forsaken” the Olde Sod. I’m just trying to get myself up to speed a bit here since you guys went to so much trouble to insure this dolt would have a nice place to post. How much of an ingrate would I be if I gave up after just one measly entry? You might not put out again next time we meet! So yeah, trying to get comfy. But I’m still gonna keep up with DL for the foreseeable future. I do like the “Enter a New Post” screen there much better, since you can expand it to fill the whole screen. It’s like a sheet of typing paper that way, something I feel much more comfortable with. Here I’ve got distracting menues and what-not top, left, and right, leaving me to type in just a tiny box in the center. I hate that. Oh well, small price to pay. I hope. 🙂


      1. I felt the same way and double entered for almost 6 months. Then, I realized that WordPress did indeed love me more. My divorce from Diaryland was quick and painless once I was willing to let it go. It was an epiphany moment. I will pray for you. And your buns.


  2. I predict that the Pirate and her Mate will have you permanently and singularly ensconsed at WP in very little time. Heed my words as I am a Goat Barn Witch (also see small print copyright threat about your bits on the Pirate’s site 😉 )
    Besides the site looks very nice


  3. I still copy and paste to diaryland, though for the life of me I can’t say why. WordPress confused me (though my brain is only partly functional these days) so I’ve ended up at Journalscape, but anywhere where the comments are attached to the entry and a dialogue can ensue is a step up from undated notes. And yay for pics of your food, Danger. I like that you two (Poolie and Danger), representing the extremes of the cooking world, are pals. xx


    1. Hey, lookie who showed up!! Lol. Yeah, Poolie’s like the poor lost little retarded Downs Syndrome child of the cooking world. I just can’t help but take pity on her and let her tag along so she thinks she has at least one friend in the world. You know how it is.

      I have to say, outside of anything else I intend to hang out at Diaryland for the foreseeable future if only because more and more people have returned to it just in the last year. I’ve been having lots more interactions and have begun really seeing it as a social outlet again. So despite the many shortcomings (which everyone keeps bludgeoning me with) I just can’t bring myself to abandon so many people who are now following me there. I’m a guy, and we are all about commitment, as you know 🙂


      1. Don’t feel sorry for me. I boiled up some Yukon golds last night and ate them with fresh broccoli drizzled with lemon butter. And sun-brewed iced tea with lemon. So there!


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